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About: Say hello to your new friend in the kitchen. This baking calculator is a food lover's best helper. It performs all the math, conversions, scaling, etc. and let's you have the fun!

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Tip 1: All-Purpose Flour 141g/Cups works fine, but if you insist, if your All-Purpose flour weighs 150grams/Cup, use the "Cornmeal (150g/Cup) option)"

Tip 2: Use the templates below to to skip selecting ingredients
1. Sourdough Bread 2. Cookie 3. Muffin 4. Scones 5. Cinnamon Rolls

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Characteristic Information
Moistness Level: 0.696
Butter Content: 19.53%
Egg Content: 1.92E
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Nutritional Information
Calories: 136.62
Total Fat: 8.29g
Saturated Fat: 4.88g
Cholestrol: 26.04mg
Calories from Fat: 74.98
Carbohydrates: 9.97g
Protein: 2.72g

9.99 servings (449.72 grams)
*Nutritional information based on 45 gram servings
Recipe Conversion
7 Tbsp (6.50) Butter

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